Why does a high-quality hand wash matter and what should you look out for when choosing one?

Why does a high-quality hand wash matter and what should you look out for when choosing one?

We use hand wash every day. Washing your hands after coming home, after using the toilet, before eating, and so on, has become a routine in our daily lives. And for a good reason.

Washing your hands properly removes dirt, viruses, and bacteria to stop them spreading to other people and objects, which can spread illnesses such as food poisoning, flu, or diarrhoea.

But while washing our hands has become automatic for us, we should still think about what we are washing our hands with. Our motto at Palm Safe is that not all hand sanitisers are equal. And it could not be truer in the case of hand wash.

That is why we hand-picked each ingredient in our luxury hand wash to ensure that not only your hands will be clean and protected but also left soft and moisturised.

It is for that reason that we decided to opt for natural ingredients where possible. Both of our cleansing agents, the SLMI and SLI, are derived from coconuts, presenting a safe, mild alternative to harsh sulphates and other aggressive surfactants found in cheaper hand washes. These can strip the skin of its natural oils.

Similarly, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Methyl Isethionate, and Lauric Acid are derived from coconut and provide our hand wash with moisturising capabilities, while Sodium Benzoate and Citric Acid are naturally occurring substances found in many fruits.

We have also used CAPB in our hand wash instead of Cocamide DEA, which was identified as a chemical possibly carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Some of you may wonder why our hand wash is not labelled as "antibacterial". Many antibacterial soaps and hand washes contain triclosan and triclocarban to assist in killing bacteria. However, the effectiveness of products branded as being antibacterial has been disputed by many academics.

In addition, the wide use of products containing triclosan and triclocarban over a long time has raised the question of potential negative effects on health, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banning the use of these antibacterial ingredients.

That is why you will find none of these ingredients in our hand wash, nor will you see us using the "antibacterial" claims in any of our marketing.

Made in Scotland, our luxury hand wash is also SLS and paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan. It will leave your hands clean, moisturised and smelling great. It is available in nine of our most popular scents: this our best sellers being Rhubarb and Plum, Watermelon and Coconut.

Right now, you can use the code 3FOR18 at checkout to get any three of them for just £18.

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