Not all hand sanitisers are made equal...

Palm Safe was started to fill a gap in the market. We wanted to produce the best possible quality hand sanitiser and eliminate the usual complaints from people buying cheap mass-produced products that "do the job".

If you use hand sanitiser every day you will most likely know the effects ethanol-based sanitisers have on your skin. Ethanol is a mass produced alcohol and is very cheap compared to isopropyl. This article explains the difference between the two and why isopropyl is the better option for your skin. All of our sanitisers use 70% isopropyl by volume.  

Those cheap ethanol based sanitisers often try and counter the drying effects of the alcohol, by adding glycerine, an inexpensive vegetable by-product that has limited moisturising effect. We use aloe vera meaning our hand sanitiser will leave your hands soft and moisturised enhancing your skin after every use instead of damaging it.  

If using our scented sanitisers, as soon as the alcohol evaporates our awesome scents come through and can be smelt subtly hours after.  Our gel is formulated to evaporate quickly and is not even slightly sticky. 

If in any doubt about the quality of our products please click on our Trustpilot page to read thousands of reviews (link above and below)

Order up to ten of our 60ml bottles, four 250ml bottles or two 500ml bottles for the same £2.95 postage. Also available for free local pick up in Aberdeen. Or from our Mall Kiosks in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling and Livingston. With more locations coming soon. 

Palm Safe is not tested on animals and contains no animal products.