Better Sanitiser - About Palm Safe

Palm Safe is an Aberdeen based company thats goal is to make better hand sanitisers. With the global shortages experienced during Covid-19, the quality of some products has been questionable. An attitude of it "just needs to do the job" has been adopted with the World Health Organisation introducing a standard recipe that was simple for anyone to make, with just three main ingredients.

With hand sanitiser a part of our daily lives going forward, it is important to use products that don't crack and damage the skin. 

Our personal range of scented hand sanitisers are made with isopropyl alcohol which is several times more expensive than the ethanol found in most hand sanitisers. This article explains the difference between the two and why isopropyl is the better option for your skin. What's more, we add aloe vera to moisturise and our fruity scents leave your hands smelling amazing without being overpowering.

Order up to four 250ml bottles or two 500ml bottles for the same £2.90 postage. Also available for free local pick up in Aberdeen.