What do our customers say about Palm Safe?

What do our customers say about Palm Safe?

How do we tell if we are doing things right? We do not have to, because our customers tell us instead. To have a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot is no small feat to achieve and it is a great honour that we value highly.  

Here at Palm Safe, we are doing our best to produce only the highest quality hand sanitiser, one that we can proudly supply you with. And nothing rewards our hard work more than the positive feedback we get in the heart-warming reviews from our lovely customers.

Astonishingly, 94% of our over 2500 reviewers at Trustpilot rate us excellent, the highest rating possible. “Excellent products. Leaves my hands clean, sanitised and soft,” says Allison Gaskell in her 5 star review. “Recommended to all my family and friends.

We value all the useful feedback and continue to improve both our product as well as the delivery system. You can now easily track your orders, get our hand sanitisers in a wide range of packaging suiting your needs, or find us on Amazon.

Our customers love the fact that, unlike the low-quality hand sanitisers you sadly see everywhere, our products do not dry your skin. That is thanks to the use of isopropyl, which is much kinder to your skin than the normally used cheaper ethanol. We then add Aloe Vera to keep your hands moisturised, and your favourite scent to leave them smelling nice as well.

It also does not hurt that our hand sanitisers come in snazzy and handy packaging. “Excellent quality as always and super cute, just perfect to pop into my handbag,” thinks Karen Horner. “I have only ever bought Palm Safe and would recommend them without hesitation - great scented gels that don’t dry out my skin.

Indeed, our bestseller, the 60ml Clip Bottles do come in handy in every situation and are always at hand. And our new 30ml PocketBacs fit perfectly in your pocket or handbag, no matter how small. And they come in a wide range of scents too!

But it is not just about a great product. That is why we pride ourselves on first-class customer service. “Excellent service as always. Very quick delivery. Love the products - smell lovely & non-drying,” says Sharon Miles. “Very quick delivery service. Love the smells (after the alcohol calms). Each smells just like you’d expect,” adds Marjory Adams.

I found this hand sanitiser is the best ever!,” says Fiona. We think so too! “It comes in so many scents and is very gentle on your hands. My favourites are the clip on ones. The pump bottles are also great. They were dispatched just after I’d ordered and arrived in time stated. One very happy customer!

And a very happy customer is exactly what we strive for. So go check out our website at palmsafe.co.uk and join tens of thousands of happy customers that want to treat their hands with only the best. Do not forget to tell us how you liked our hand sanitiser and your favourite scent on Trustpilot.




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