Tell us about your favourite Palm Safe scent and which ones you would like to see

Tell us about your favourite Palm Safe scent and which ones you would like to see

The sense of smell is one of the five crucial ways we perceive the world around us. Whether it is delicious food, fresh laundry, freshly cut grass or our favourite perfume, there are so many smells out there and our lives would be poorer without them, even the bad ones.

Here at Palm Safe, we tend to focus on the good ones. We know that everyone has different favourites and that is one of the reasons why we currently have over 30 scents available. From fruity ones such as Blueberry or Strawberry, through sweet ones like Candy Cane or Parma Violet, to designer scents such as Alien Invasion or our newest addition, Daisy.

We are always looking for new scents to add to the collection as we get hundreds of requests every month. But sometimes, we like to look back at our original scents and think about which ones we like the most.

We know which ones are the bestsellers, but similarly to our diverse collection, we are a group of unique individuals with different opinions. And such a debate can become quite heated at times, with passions running high!

Many of you have come into contact with the lovely and ever helpful Emma, our administrative and support manager. Her favourite is Watermelon. "It is hard to choose a favourite, but I really like the juicy aroma it has."

Her black horse is Joe Lycett, as she simply loves the fresh smell. "I have also come to like Coconut," she adds. "It did not hit me to begin with, but now I can see why it is so popular."

"Cola Cubes is my favourite for sure," says Li, our graphic designer. "I just love the sweetness it leaves in the air and on my hands. It reminds me of the sweeties so much."

Kevin, our sales manager, is manly in his demeanour, and so it comes as no surprise that his favourite is our manliest scent, Savage. But we all know that, secretly, he simply adores Rhubarb and Plum. And who can blame him? It is our absolute bestseller, after all.

So, which one is your favourite? Is it one of the ones mentioned? Or perhaps one of our bestsellers? And which new scent can you just not be without? Let us know on our social media or through email. We would love to hear from you.

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