Reduced prices and stock that needs to go

Reduced prices and stock that needs to go

Businesses and people alike are facing the rising cost of pretty much everything these days. But here at Palm Safe, we have decided to go against the trend once again and reduce our prices.

Our premium hand sanitiser is the perfect option for anyone, be it individuals or businesses. Unfortunately, some businesses might be hesitant to go premium when it comes to treating their customers’ and employees’ hands.

And we understand. Times are tough, and the prices are high. That is why we have decided to reduce the price of our 5L Containers to £29.99 (was £45) for our whole range of scents, except for the unscented Aloe Vera, which was reduced even further, to £24.99!

So, if you have not tried Palm Safe before, now is the perfect time to treat your business to the only 5-star rated hand sanitiser on Trustpilot. And if you have, why not restock for the reduced price?

But that is not all! We have a range of new scents prepared for you over the summer, but first, we need to make room. That is why our 60ml Clip Bottles and 500ml Pump Bottles of banana, chocolate orange, man chat, and pumpkin spice scents are reduced by half and are now only £1.49 and £5.99, respectively! They need to go, so grab them while they are still available!

Just a reminder, our sanitisers use premium isopropyl alcohol (70% by volume) that isn't as harsh on your skin as the ethanol found in most store-bought sanitisers. We then add aloe vera to moisturise your skin and leave your hands feeling soft. With over 20 different scents available, your hands will be left smelling and feeling amazing. Palm Safe dries quickly and won't leave your hands sticky.

About Palm Safe Ltd: Palm Safe is a company producing high quality and skin-friendly hand sanitisers using isopropyl alcohol based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Founded in 2020 during the pandemic, Palm Safe has quickly become popular among tens of thousands of its customers across the UK, boasting a 5-star Trustpilot rating.

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