Palm Safe is now on Amazon and we are celebrating with a limited-edition scent giveaway!

Palm Safe is now on Amazon and we are celebrating with a limited-edition scent giveaway!

As some of you have surely noticed, Palm Safe has joined Amazon, and you can find our whole range of scents there.

Amazon is buying from us direct as our customers were vehemently searching for our products (over 1500 searches a month!) even before we joined.

To celebrate the occasion, we are launching a limited-edition scent called Amazon Tropics! It will be available in our 60ml Clip Bottles and only as a part of our free giveaway to all orders over £10 from now until midnight on Monday! The bottle will be added automatically to your order by our packing team. No codes are required, just spend £10 and we will take care of the rest.

The limited-edition Amazon Tropics scent has bright, sweet notes of strawberry and ripe tropical fruits - fragrant mango and a hint of passionfruit, followed by pink grapefruit, melon and pineapple, a little light jasmine blossom and a background of raspberry sorbet. A welcome addition as we approach the hot summer days! We have really outdone ourselves this time, and it could be our best scent yet!

But after all, we owe this huge success to you, our great customers. We would like to say thank you for the unwavering support you have given us throughout the last two years. We hope to keep your hands safe and smelling nice in the future as well, be it on Amazon or from our website If you treat yourself to a bottle, we would really appreciate any reviews you could leave us after receiving your purchase.

About Palm Safe Ltd: Palm Safe is a company producing high quality and skin-friendly hand sanitisers using isopropyl alcohol based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Founded in 2020 during the pandemic, Palm Safe has quickly become popular among tens of thousands of its customers across the UK, boasting a 5-star Trustpilot rating.

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