Palm Safe Launches Keyworker Donation Scheme after Hand Sanitiser Business Goes Viral

An Aberdeen based oil worker who launched a hand sanitiser business after being made redundant, has today launched a scheme that will allow people to donate premium hand sanitiser to keyworkers.

Marko Steiger who launched just a few weeks ago has told Energy People of the viral success his company has enjoyed after his products gained a cult following online.

The company offers premium hand sanitisers made from Isopropyl alcohol, that is known to be much less harsh on the skin than ethanol, which the vast majority of hand sanitisers contain. The companies hand gels also contain aloe vera to leave the skin moisturised and soft and are available in various different scents including strawberry, apple, blueberry, coconut, mango and lemon.

The donation scheme will allow customers checking out online to pay £5 and donate a bottle of hand sanitiser to a keyworker.

Commenting on his company’s success, Marko said: “It has been an incredible few weeks, the support since launching Palm Safe has been overwhelming and we have had nothing but positive feedback. Lots of requests have come in from care homes and health care workers, asking if we can donate hand sanitiser. While I would love to fulfil every single request, as a new business started on a budget it’s very difficult to meet demand.”

Marko told Energy People he got the idea for the donation scheme after he used to pay for an extra coffee at his local café to help the homeless. The pay it forward scheme meant people buying a coffee could pay for an extra one and then someone in need could request a free coffee.

The company has added the option to its website so that customers checking out can add a bottle to their cart which will then be donated to a health care worker by the company. Choosing the option for local collection means no postage will be charged and people can donate for £5.

Any health care workers or care homes looking to be included in the distribution can email