Survey Reveals Reasons Why 60% of Supermarket Customers Won’t Sanitise

Scented Hand Sanitiser Clip BottlesA survey conducted by hand sanitiser firm Palm Safe and completed by over 2,500 people has revealed that more than 60% of people refuse to use low quality hand sanitiser with respondents saying that it leaves their hands sticky and dries their skin.

Of all the places respondents had encountered poor quality hand sanitiser, Supermarkets fared the worst; with 65% of people saying they encountered poor quality sanitiser at their local supermarket.

24% of respondents said they encountered low quality hand sanitiser at work while 53% cited other retail shops.

Managing Director for, Marko Steiger, said: “At the start of the pandemic, businesses rushed to get sanitiser from anywhere. It was hard to get and the quality slipped dramatically as companies rushed to produce it. A lot of businesses ended up using substandard products and have not really re-visited it or thought about it since”.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of low-grade ethanol-based sanitisers flooding the market and while the alcohol strength is enough to kill germs, little thought is given to the user experience. Ethanol is known to dry the skin; some sanitisers try to counter this by adding lots of glycerine which makes the gel sticky and gives it a foul smell. Isopropyl alcohol is more expensive and harder to source but doesn’t break down skin cells the way ethanol does and there are much better moisturising agents such as aloe vera that can be used”.

82% of respondents thought that if businesses provided better quality hand sanitiser it would encourage customers and staff to use it more often while 69% thought that the quality of hand sanitiser provided reflected on how much the company or organisation cared about their safety.

Other reasons given by respondents for not using sanitiser was that it was too runny, left a residue on the skin or just felt gritty and not pleasant. has gone viral online selling high quality scented hand sanitisers made from isopropyl alcohol and containing aloe vera. The Aberdeen based start-up has racked up hundreds of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot from customers who swear by its products and has recently won a contract with retail giant Urban Outfitters to supply all their stores in Europe.

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