Palm Safe Customer Donations go to Aberlour Childrens Charity

Aberlour Children’s Charity is grateful to Palm Safe for their kind donation of Palm Safe hand sanitiser to our disability service in Aberdeen.

Aberlour Options Aberdeen provides vital short breaks for children and young people with a disability or other complex needs. During that break, children can enjoy a range of activities, with staff who provide 1-1 support while giving families time to recharge.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our service has adapted to government guidelines by using technology to connect remotely with all the families we support. At the same time, we have continued to provide breaks for high-priority families and PPE has been vital to enable this service.

The hand sanitiser, kindly donated by Palm Safe, provides us with the PPE we need to assure the safety of children in our care. Many of our young people experience sensory differences that affect their behaviour. They can be overly-sensitive to strong clinical smells other hand sanitisers carry. Since the Palm Safe hand sanitiser has natural scents, it smells more like soap than alcohol gel and feels more natural for our young people to use.

The scarcity and increasing costs of PPE is an ongoing challenge for Aberlour during the pandemic. We are therefore very grateful for the opportunity to connect with local businesses, who step in and provide us with access to these resources.

Support from local organisations, like Palm Safe, is very welcome, and will continue to be as we focus on exciting future initiatives including the opening of our brand-new facility at the end of 2020. The new purpose-built facility will be central in providing care to children and young people in the North-East with physical and complex needs.

Palm Safe would like to thank all our customers that took part in the donate a bottle scheme and made this and several other donations possible.